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Approximately 93 percent of U.S. customers conduct online searches for local companies, with 88 percent of SEO local mobile searches resulting in a store visit or phone call within 24 hours. Increase your local SEO efforts and link your company with high-intent clients in your neighbourhood.

DD Logics Internet Marketing Agency provides conversion-driven local SEO services to ensure that your company ranks high in local SEO searches and grows income.

What Is Local SEO and How Does It Work?

Strong Digital Branding Can Help You Dominate Your Niche

Every day, millions of customers search for local businesses, and about 84 percent of them require digital skills to complete brand transactions. You’re missing out on key leads, traffic, and sales chances if you don’t have a strong local SEO presence.

What is the meaning of local search optimization?

Local SEO is the practise of increasing the exposure of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), brick-and-mortar storefronts, and multi-location businesses in local searches.

Google looks at various local SEO ranking factors to determine your search rankings. These include:

  • Google My Business (GMB) listing
  • Name, address and phone number (NAP) consistency in local business citations
  • Domain authority
  • Quality of local search citations
  • Click-through rate (CTR) from search results
  • Keywords
  • User experience (UX)
  • Review quality, velocity and diversity
  • Link signals


What is the best way to perform local SEO?

To improve your local SEO ranking, you can use a variety of local digital marketing methods, such as:

  • Local business SEO keyword targeting
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Local search citations
  • Online reputation management
  • Link building
  • On-page SEO
  • SEO local landing page optimization
  • Google local SEO content marketing
Take Advantage of the Best Local SEO Services to Increase Your Revenue

DD Logics Internet Marketing Agency is a top local SEO firm situated in Arlington, Texas, that offers businesses all over the world full local search engine optimization services. We recognise that local SEO is critical to a company’s success. That’s why we’re here to help you with your local digital marketing and search engine optimization projects.

We don’t simply provide local SEO reports and perform local SEO services as your committed local SEO firm. Our local SEO professionals will also go through 1) what local SEO is and 2) how to execute it efficiently with your team. We construct a local SEO checklist that details each local SEO tactic included in your packages to ensure we’re on the same page.

Our local SEO company can help your business get higher ranks in local SEO search results whether you have a single location serving a local community or many locations across the state or country.


DD Logics SEO have been a fantastic asset to our online marketing strategy. Over a few years of poorly managed SEO, DD Logics were able to come on-board and turn our website ranking around. Great reporting processes and contact from our campaign manager and outreach team. We will continue to use the services of Dejan for many years to come!
Dr. Manish Sharma
Dr. Manish Sharma
Our traffic has increased by 64% since they’ve worked on our site and they got multiple keywords we were ranking poorly for up to the first page. In fact, our keywords have improved by an average of 56 positions during our time with Dejan SEO. Some of the content they have created for us has amassed over 200 shares via social media. I highly recommend their SEO as they have made a great difference to our business and have been professional to communicate with too.
Dr, Kamal Verma
I’m very pleased to write a few encouraging words about the service offered by DD Logics Technology. When we came to DD Logics a year ago, we were desperate. We’d paid for four useless campaigns, spending $2000 per month with very little conversion and no growth. Once we approached DD Logics they assigned Rahul and then Ravi who took the time out to understand our business. They completely rewrote all the ads and within a month you could see the results. DD Logics well-placed ads have been effective is bringing in a lot of business to our medical clinic and I can confidently recommend his services to any small or big business.
Dr. Rakesh Joshi
Dr. Rakesh Joshi


Professional Tools for Your Business

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Keyword Research
Amplify your local reach and attract targeted audience segments with strategic local SEO marketing services. We perform extensive keyword research and analysis to identify geo-specific, industry-related keywords and organize them by search intent. Once our local SEO experts have mapped out your search terms, we create a local SEO guide to help you develop locally-themed website content. Our local SEO consultant also provides you with a keyword ranking report, which you can check any time to monitor your rankings.
Local SEO Audit
Our local SEO agency performs a thorough local SEO audit to determine your current local SEO ranking, gain actionable insights and build your local SEO checklist. We check your NAP visibility, identify your geographical location and service areas and examine your Google My Business listing. To complete your local SEO strategy, our local SEO experts also conduct Google My Business page audit, review analysis, landing page audit, local citations analysis, competitor benchmarking and organic link and penalty analysis.

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