Ecommerce Marketing

E-commerce marketing service is the best solution for those who have online ecommerce portals and websites. Our expert team of e-commerce marketing has experience in PPC marketing, SEO, Display Advertising and social media marketing to reach to get top position of your ecommerce online store in search results. At DD logics provide proven and strategic E–commerce marketing service for the owners of online stores.



With proven SEO activities and action plan we deliver best ecommerce SEO campaigns and services that gives maximum ROI.


You can get qualified and targeted potential shoppers to your ecommerce store online with our custom PPC ecommerce strategy made specifically for your online store.


Our social media optimization services include most of all large and popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. to promote your online ecommerce store.

Search engine optimization

SEO activity is one of the most critical part of the e-commerce marketing.

A good SEO campaign can help you to get higher position your e-commerce website in to search engine rankings.

Detailed researched keywords have their good place for an ecommerce store,

the majority of your website’s keywords will be customized according to product pages. 


PPC advertising operates similarly to SEO activities since it is also based on keywords.

However, whereas search engine optimization works organically,

PPC results are the results that show up in yellow boxes on Google.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is also very important part to e-commerce websites. By creating an effective Facebook business page and enticing potential customers to ‘like’ and follow your FB page with exclusive offers and discounts.

You will gain immeasurable word-of-mouth advertising through this social network, also establish as a trustworthy, reputable online store.

Display advertising

Display advertising is very worthwhile for e commerce store.

By buying small banner ads on relevant blogs and other websites,

you can showcase your business store in front of people who wouldn’t have found it otherwise on search engines.