Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of earning a commission by referring people’s services or products. You can find a product you like and you promote it to other people, and by doing this you can earn a piece of the profit as a commission for each sale that you make. It is a cost-effective technique of combining established marketing method with technology. DD logics offer Affiliate Marketing Services for Merchants who are wishing to advertise their products/services online. With our professional Marketing strategies, your business will get increase online visibility on the relevant platforms with better leads and ROI enhancement.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is a referral program to give commissions to a referral who provide a potential lead. The more and more people who are advertising your company, products or services online, the more successful you can be. Our affiliate marketing service will help you to get proper attention on other aspects of your business.  With our efficient affiliate strategy, you will have a wide range of affiliates, which will increase your business brand presence on the digital platform in a way that you get maximum attention from your customers and a loyal customer base with the increased inflow of revenue.

What we do?

  • Help to select the right affiliate network that meets your goals
  • Set up the affiliate program on the chosen networks
  • Promote affiliate program
  • Review affiliate application
  • Signup new affiliates
  • Creation of marketing stuff such as images, banners & catalogues for affiliates
  • Monthly, weekly & ad-hoc affiliate communication
  • Set up data feeds for affiliates
  • Analyze affiliate’s performance and communicate
  • Performance Reports

Why choose us?

If you are planning to add an affiliate program on to your website, then our professional affiliate management service will provide you complete support towards building your affiliate program with selected networks. Our agency-level relationships span over all major affiliate networks, including Commission Junction, Impact Radius, eBay Enterprise, CAKE and LinkShare. These relationships will help to ensure that the best possible rates are negotiated for our each and every client. Excellent rates will be combined with our professional and methodical approach to the Affiliate network selection process and it will enable to rising Interactive to partner with publishers that embrace our client’s brands, drive more conversions and achieve higher ROI goals.